Why do I need a roof cleaning

Curb appeal:

You take the time to mow and fertilize your lawn. You maintain your flowers and plants around your house. You work hard to keep your home looking nice, but those stains on your roof will still be what everyone sees when they look at your home. Let us clean your roof, and increase your curb appeal.

Cost savings:

If your roof has algae it is costing you money. A roof with algae is unable to effectively reflect sunlight and ultimately absorbs that heat. This increases the heat in your attic making your AC system work harder than necessary. We can clean your roof and bring back its efficiency and looks.

Prevent damage:

Your roof is dirty because it is covered with organisms like algae, lichens, and moss which actually eat the organic material in your shingles. Over time this will cause significant damage to your roof as the wood below the shingles can become exposed and lead to rot and leaks as well as unwanted critters in the attic. This is easily avoided with a quick cleaning by Affordable Pressure Washing Services.

Insurance cancellations:

Insurance companies are beginning to inform home owners they are going to cancel their policy if their roof is not cleaned. This is because a dirty roofs negatively affect the integrity of the roof which can lead to mold growth inside the home.

Cheaper than replacement:

Roofs are manufactured to last 25+ years. Why replace a roof early because it is dirty when it can look like new with a proper cleaning? Roofs are expensive to replace, costing $4,500 or more. Get all the years you can out of your roof and save some money with an affordable, professional roof cleaning by Affordable Pressure Washing Services.

Roof Warranty:

Most homeowners are aware that roofs come with a warranty, but few are aware that the manufacturer actually suggests regular roof cleaning to maintain the roof and the warranty.